Hey everybody and welcome to our newest addition! Our own interpretation of what a forum should look like. Some of you may see a lot of similarities with other threaded public forums, and that's simply because we believe that is the perfect style of forum. Traditional linear forums have real way of separating side topics, hence why the term "off-topic" became a thing - it cluttered up threads with discussions about things that were not entirely relevant to the main title. We believe these side discussions are vital to maintaining conversations with one and other, hence the choice for a threaded forum.

On the other hand, we've seen questionable choices being made on the biggest platform for threaded forums, so creating a subforum there would not only impose foreign terms of service on us, but we'd also have no guarantee of it working exactly the way we want it to, for as long as we want it to. A lot of other servers and communities tackle this by hosting a server on Discord. Discord however, is nice for a group of friends having some chats on game nights, but in our opinion is completely unsuitable for hosting larger communities. The search function is rubbish, so you get a consistent flow of users joining and asking the same questions over and over. Finally, Discord is too instant message based, and our platform for instant messaging is the Minecraft server (and the webclient for those who can't or don't want to launch Minecraft). Having a Discord server would potentially undermine the highly rated status of our in game chat.

Frenily Life Information

  • Our rules are simple: have common sense. We do not have a NSFW section, so all content should be suitable for viewers of all ages.
  • Our staff reserve the right to delete content or make simple edits to make it conform the common sense rule.
  • We do not tolerate advertising to other servers, communities or software unrelated to Frenily.
  • You can be banned from posting on Frenily Life. You can also be banned from viewing Frenily Life. A ban on the Minecraft Server does not immediately mean you're banned from Frenily Life but this is subject to review.
  • You can use a limited set of Markdown features, like bold, italic, strikethrough, lists and URLs. Headings and tables are disabled to keep things more simple.

How to use

  • The forum consists of threads that are part of boards. The board of this topic is Frenily Announcements.
  • Sometimes the ability to post and/or read content is restricted. This allows us to create boards for specific roles. You may notice that you're not able to post on Frenily Announcements.
  • You can subscribe to boards - content will then appear on your home page under "My Subscriptions". We're working on ways to notify you of new content if you desire.


We hope you enjoy using Frenily Life. If you have any suggestions or comments, we'll have a subforum for this at Frenily Feedback!